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Wedding Photo & Video| Snow Valley Ski Club | Edmonton, AB

From a chance meeting at Union Hall to a beautiful wedding at Snow Valley, Analee and Rob’s love story is one that’s been a decade in the making. Their journey, filled with laughter, support, and resilience, is a testament to their bond and the family they’ve built together.

Analee and Rob first crossed paths at Union Hall over ten years ago. Sparks flew, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They’ve weathered some tough times together, proving that they were already a family long before they made it official. On their wedding day, we even made a stop at Union Hall to commemorate where it all began.

Their wedding day was a blend of laid-back vibes and classic elegance. Rob looked dapper in his white suit from S.M Bespoke, and Analee was a vision in her stunning dress from Bridal Boutique. The easy-going atmosphere was punctuated by Rob’s jokes and Analee’s dance moves, keeping everyone in high spirits throughout the day.

The wedding took place at Snow Valley, a venue we’ve come to love for its rustic charm. The bridal party shoot was in downtown Edmonton, which, through our lenses, felt more like a vibrant New York scene. The footage captured the energy and excitement of the day perfectly.

Analee and Rob’s wedding was a celebration of their journey, a testament to their love, and a promise of their shared future. We were honored to be a part of it and to capture these special moments. To get a glimpse of their epic love story, check out their wedding video below. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!

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