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wedding photo of rcmp officer and bride kissing

The day began in a lively hotel room with Mark and his crew. Their laughter filled the room as they swapped jokes, adding to the excitement of the morning. Decked out in their Red Serge uniforms, they were the epitome of an RCMP wedding’s special charm.

After capturing these early moments, we shifted our focus to April. We reached just as her hair and makeup were getting their final touches. Her mom was a live wire, her enthusiasm lighting up the room even more. April was a bundle of anticipation, her excitement peppered with endearing, nervous giggles.

Their chosen venue, the rustic Willow Lane Barn in Olds, Alberta, set a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. Under the gleaming sun, a line of RCMP officers with spears greeted the bridal party and couple. In an unexpected but fun turn of events, they lowered a couple of spears during the procession, stopping April and Mark for a charming kiss.

The day continued to be a joy ride. The bridal party shoot was filled with laughter, though we also managed to steal some quiet moments with the couple. The evening rolled into heartwarming speeches and a dinner that was second to none. As the day came to an end, we had one last photo session with April and Mark under the setting sun. It was a day we were honored to be a part of. Check out their photos and video below!

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