Becky + Anthony

Wedding Photo & Video | Edmonton, Alberta

Bridal Party posing in front of river valley in the fall

It seems a little (a lot) understated to say anything nice about these two. Even though we LOVE their wedding photos and wedding highlights video, there’s virtually no way to truly express how amazing Becky & Anthony are as people, let alone as a couple.

An Aussie and a Canadian girl, brought together by chance only to realize they were perfectly made for one another. There’s no way to be around them and not feel irradiated by happiness and love, simply because that’s who they are.

Their day was full of laughter and tears of joy with hint of bittersweetness as Anthony’s family couldn’t join in person on their big day as travel restrictions prevented them from visiting. However, that didn’t stop his family from being there every second via streaming, regardless of the time difference.

If there’s ever been a day we’d love to live and relive over and over again, this would be one of them.

Check out their wedding film and photos below!

Wedding Highlights Film

Wedding Photos