grace + austin

Wedding Video | Edmonton, Alberta

couple walking in rain with umbrella

Storm clouds came and went in the morning – then returned for just the right amount of time. The one thing that never faded throughout the day were the smiles and the palpable love Grace and Austin share for each other.

Surrounded by their closest friends and their family, the day was nothing if not magical.

They had a perfectly organized drive-thru reception line with treats and a live band for those that came through – eventually this broke into a driveway dance party.

Dinner was served at Cafe Bicyclette, where the guests planned a fun display of “mock-talents” for their rendition of “Edmonton’s got Talent”. Austin is a huge lover of these kind of games and shows so it was only natural their guests did something like this for them.

Time and time again, we fall in love with the love we see between our couples, and it’s couples like Grace and Austin that reinforce the passion in what we do.

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