grace + patrick

Wedding Photo & Video |  Edmonton, Ab.

Some weddings are long, elaborate affairs, but Grace and Patrick’s was a beautiful whirlwind of tradition and love. The day kicked off at their home, where Grace slipped into her traditional tea ceremony dress. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as different generations of her family gathered for the tea ceremony. It was a touching scene, rich in tradition and family bonds.

Next, we headed to a hotel for Patrick’s side of the tea ceremony. The group was smaller, but the love in the room was just as big. Patrick’s parents beamed with pride and joy, making it a memorable moment for everyone involved.

The wedding ceremony took place at Saint John Catholic Church, a setting that added a sense of sacredness to their vows. After the ceremony, we whisked the couple away for a quick photo session. The backdrop? The old Alberta Museum grounds and the Government House, both places that exude a timeless charm.

Grace and Patrick’s wedding was a beautiful blend of tradition and modern love. It was a day that honored both their families and their own unique love story.

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