lina + isaiah

Wedding Photo & Video |  Edmonton, Ab.

Lina and Isaiah’s love story is a testament to the beauty of enduring and evergrowing love. Seven years together, and they’ve weathered all seasons – from moments that made their hearts soar to times that tested their bond deeply. Yet, their wedding day was an unfiltered celebration of joy, a bright chapter in their ongoing story.

Their day began at Nouveau Garden Weddings, a venue that offers more than just a place to say ‘I do.’ Nestled amidst nature, it overlooks a lush forest and stunning valleys, providing a backdrop that was nothing short of breathtaking. Rolling hills, towering trees, and expansive fields painted a picture of natural beauty, mirroring the organic and genuine love shared by the couple.

The reception was a delightful mix of elegance and casual charm. Lina and Isaiah opted for a dinner everyone universally cheers for – pizza! It was a fun, unpretentious choice that kept the atmosphere light and joyful.

But when it came to their first dance, the couple showcased a different side. Their movements were well-practiced and synchronized, revealing a choreography that they had clearly poured time and love into perfecting. It was a beautiful metaphor for their relationship – fun and easy-going, yet with a depth and intentionality that has allowed their love to be evergrowing.

Check out their video below!

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