madison + kylor

Our first time shooting a wedding at Sylvan Lake was with Madison and Kylor. We showed up to Madison’s grandma’s lake house and were just blown away by the decorations they had set up for the ceremony and reception.

Funny enough we had no idea Madison and Kylor had seen us shooting at Jaelynn and Noah’s wedding, so that was a nice surprise.

Madison’s grandma asked us about a million times when Ellie and I were going to get married and how she just knew we’d make beautiful kids. Such an amazing and warm-hearted lady.

The ceremony was preformed by Lorne from Discovery Church and the photos were captured by his wife Shauna-Lee from Selah Reflections, a power couple if we’ve ever met one!

The day definitely flew by as we captured Madison and Kylor against the beautiful background supplied by Sylvan Lake. We even had a chance to share a quick ice cream with them at The Big Moo — a must-visit if you’re in the area!

Check out their wedding highlights video below!

Wedding Highlights Film