bree + chase

Wedding Videography | Whitewood Barn | Millet, AB

You know those high school sweethearts who make you believe in love stories? Enter Bree and Chase. They’ve been inseparable for nearly a decade, and we finally got to capture their journey from being high school sweethearts to saying their “I do’s” in a beautiful wedding ceremony at The Whitewood Barn.

Bree, with her infectious positivity and laughter that can light up any room, was a radiant bride on her wedding day. She was glowing with excitement, ready to start this new chapter with Chase. And Chase, the calm to her storm, was the picture of a groom deeply in love. His reaction to seeing Bree in her wedding dress for the first time was a moment we were privileged to capture through our lenses. His heartfelt whisper of “oh, f**k” was a raw, emotional moment that spoke volumes about his love for Bree.

Their wedding was a classy affair, with an upscale vibe and stunning white roses everywhere. The reception was a blast, full of laughter and joy. The highlight? The father-daughter dance. It started as a traditional slow dance but quickly flipped into a fun choreography. It was a perfect moment for wedding videography – capturing the surprise and delight on everyone’s faces.

The ceremony was filled with heartfelt vows and promises of a future together. They promised to prioritize their marriage, to stand by each other through every peak and valley, and to keep their life full of adventure, love, and laughter. These moments, captured in our wedding photography, tell a story of a couple ready to face the future together.

And a special shoutout to the amazing vendors that were a part of this day – you guys rocked it! The Whitewood Barn, b.gracecreatives, Therese Lopez Florals, Workshop Eatery, Socials, behindtheblush, Novelle, and Derks – each of you played a part in creating a day that was as beautiful as Bree and Chase’s love story.

Bree and Chase’s wedding was a celebration of their journey, a testament to their love, and a promise of their shared future. We were honored to be a part of it and to capture these special moments through our wedding photography and videography. To get a glimpse of their epic love story, check out their wedding video below. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!

Wedding Highlights Video