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Meet Dev and Nick, two people that started as our friends who’ve become so much more to us over the years.

It all started when Gabe went on a casual trip to the mountains with a couple friends, Dev and Nick included, a few random photos and a light-hearted comment: “When you get married, I better be shooting your wedding!” Little did we know, our words would come to life when these two reached out to us to capture their big day. To say we were thrilled is an understatement.

There’s something special about Nick and Dev. They’re the kind of people whose hearts are as big as their smiles. They are the kind of people who light up a room just by being there. They’re loving, caring, and genuine, and this was clear to everyone present on their wedding day.

A few months before the big day, we had a breathtaking couple’s session with Dev and Nick at Bow Lake, nestled in the heart of the mountains. It was a day filled with laughter, affection, and some truly stunning backdrops. Capturing their love against the serene mountain landscape was an experience we’ll always cherish. We knew then that their wedding day would be just as magical.

When the wedding day finally arrived, we started off at the hotel, capturing the guys’ getting ready. Nick’s struggle with his tie was a highlight that had everyone chuckling

The ladies were prepping at Hillside Acres, a picturesque venue in Camrose, Alberta. This cozy house provided the perfect backdrop for our radiant bride. As the ceremony kicked off under the blazing summer sun, there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. Nick was overwhelmed when he caught sight of Dev, stunning as she walked down the wooden path toward him.

One moment, in particular, stands out. A dragonfly, significant to Dev and Nick, decided to join the celebration. It flew directly towards Dev and rested on her arm for a moment before flying away. This magical occurrence gave us chills, and we’re so glad we caught it on camera.

Despite the heat stroke nearly knocking Gabe out (note to us: hydrate better next time), the rest of the night was fantastic. The reception was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions – joyful tears, remembrances of loved ones, and some truly unforgettable dance moves.

All in all, Dev and Nick’s wedding was nothing short of perfect. We are honored to have been a part of it. Check out their wedding video below to see a glimpse of their magical day!

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