fhybe + aaron

Wedding Video | Jasper, Alberta

close up of wedding ring, couple embracing in the mountains

It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to edit a wedding highlights video that includes a reception and party. It couldn’t have happened with a better couple. Fhybe, Aaron, and their whole wedding party had an absolute VIBE going all day. Their wedding party did a hell of a job keeping the laughs going from the moment the day started.

It’s not hard to capture beautiful images when filming in the mountains, but Fhybe, Aaron, and their bridal party made it 100 times easier to make it happen. They had the most beautiful setting for their ceremony with the Jasper Rockies as a backdrop as they swore their love to one another. Once we got to their reception we were surprised by every single VIP guest entering the room dancing, including the bride and groom with some pretty slick dance moves. The rest of the night was full of performances, choreographed dances and our absolute favorite tradition, the money dance.

Even though the day was extremely hot and we were destroyed by mosquitoes, we definitely had one of our most fun days shooting with these two.

Wedding Highlights Film