teagan + chris

Wedding Videography | Greande Prairie, Alberta

Our day kicked off with Chris and his groomsmen at their home. There were laughs all around, with the guys tossing jokes while getting our groom ready for his big day. On the other side of town, Teagan was with her bridesmaids at Teagan’s parents’ home. It was a flurry of emotions as Teagan came out in her beautiful wedding dress, her bridesmaids lending a helping hand with the fine details. There was a first look planned with her dad and as we mic’d him up, he shared his joy and pride for his daughter and his soon-to-be son-in-law. And seeing his face light up when he saw her for the first time showed us there wasn’t a shred of exaggeration in the words he shared with us. These are the moments like these are what make our job worthwhile.

We then moved onto the couple’s first look at a beautiful park beside the river. They exchanged letters and there was a warmth in their eyes that was touching to see. The bridal party was next, and boy, did they know how to have fun! Of course, we made sure to sneak in some quiet moments for our couple too.

The ceremony took place at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. The priest, with his knack for cracking jokes, kept the atmosphere light and joyful. You could tell everyone was eager for the party to start as soon as the ceremony ended.

The reception was on a gorgeous family acreage with a view of a lush valley, and it was a riot. From hilarious bridal party entrances to a rather unique gift of an oil painting of Chris in his underwear, the day was full of surprises. The best man even sang the couple’s first dance, ending our day with the couple on a perfect note.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of this amazing day.

Wedding Highlights Video

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